How To Apply For Child Support

Find out how to file for child support in your state. In most cases the first step would be to schedule an appointment with your local child support agency. From there you would fill out the child support application and establish paternity, they should be able to tell you what documents are required when applying for child support. Some states even allow you to apply for child support online.

Who Is Eligible for OCSE's Services?

Child support enforcement services are available to any parent or anyone with custody of a child who requires assistance establishing child support or even medical support order or collecting support payments. There is no reason why you or the other parent can't apply for assistance in the state, no matter where you reside. In the event that a relative or another caregiver has physical custody of a kid, they are eligible to receive child support services as well. The only thing that non-custodial parents can get is a review and change to their existing order. Applicants are not required to meet any financial criteria in order to get services.

Is There an Application Cost For OCSE's Services?

You will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of up to $25 in order for your application to be processed and your case to be opened if you are not presently receiving public assistance. Each non-custodial parent must submit a separate application and pay a $25 fee.

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