Child Support Office

Find out how to contact your local child support office. The OCSE, Office of Child Support Enforcement, handles the child support program in each state. They can help parents in obtaining medical insurance coverage and financial support for their children. If you need help with collecting child support, then select your state below to contact the child support agency.

The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) was established in 1975 by Title IV-D of such Social Security Act. Its primary responsibilities include the formulation of child support policy; the oversight, evaluation, and auditing of state child support regulation programs; and providing technical assistance and training to state child support enforcement programs. The Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) is run by the Office of Communications and Information Security (OCSE).

As a result, the regulation reduces the administrative burden on employers, who collect almost three-fourths of all child support payments via income withholding. It also eliminates hurdles to electronic communication and maybe even document management and upgrades the program to reflect the Supreme Court's ruling on the matter.